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Meade Instruments Corp

Meade Instruments is a world leading manufacturing company of telescopes. John Diebel, a young electrical engineer who started the company from his kitchen table, founded Meade Instruments in 1972 selling small telescopes and eyepieces.

Meade Instruments telescopes are very popular with the amateur community and Meade has many different telescopes for many different uses from land viewing to dark skies viewing.The ETX can be used to observed Moon craters, to the cloud-belt patterns of Jupiter's surface.

The ETX is a very versatile telescope and one of Meade's popular telescopes. The ETX is user friendly and easy enough for the beginner and yet very adaptable for the advanced astronomer. The optics of the ETX are very high in contrast, image brightness and its resolution that it outperforms telescopes of a larger apertures. Some more notable features of the ETX are Maksutov-Cassegrain optical design, oversized Primary Mirror, Flip Mirror System, Motorized Dual-Axis Drive System, Deluxe Autostar Controller.

Meade's LX Series-ACF is popular with amateur astronomers who do astrophotography. Its mirror lens usage for higher magnifications make it easy to see the extremely fine details of planets, stars. Meade's Schmidt-Cassegrain Optics have recognized as the finest optics made today. The hand figuring of the correcting plate and the hand-matching of Meade's 3-element system is why Meade's Schmidt-Cassegrain system is superior in contrast and resolution to other brands on the market.

The LX200-ACF is an advanced telescope for its electronics, it can select well over 64,000 celestial objects from star clusters, all eight of the major planets at the simple push of a button with the telescope moving and centering the object automatically. It is these features that have the LX200-ACF telescopes being the largest selling telescopes. The LX Series features are Smart drive, SmartFinder Red Dot, Rigid Dual-Fork Mount, Optical Design Primary Mirror Lock.

Meade Instruments Refracting telescopes are also very fine instruments of themselves due to their ability to capture the finest optical imaging because light passes through the lens element of a refractor. Meade's ED Apochromatic Objective lenses are of the highest-grade optical glass available, they are free of flaws that can make the lens less than desirable.

Meade's latest refractor telescope is the ED APO Refractor and some of its notable features are: Fast focal ratio, Lightweight, portable., Premium ED Glass, fully-Multicoated lenses Adjustable lens Cell.

Meade's Reflecting telescopes are an excellent telescope for beginners or land viewing. These telescopes are small and an excellent choice for their mount and optics.

Another one of Meade's popular selling reflecting telescopes is the Lightbridge truss-tube Dobsonian. It is model very similar to Meade's earlier telescopes, the Starfinder. Both the Starfinder and the Lightbridge telescopes are easy to set up and take apart with no assistance. The Lightbridge are used to observe many different objects from the Andromeda galaxy to the Moon and comets. Some of the features offered by the Lightbridge truss-tube Dobsonian line are good for capturing light from distant objects, Dobsonian mounted Newtonian reflector, easy to to point and use, lightweight and portable, Altazimuth mounts and the Red Dot Viewfinder.

Meade has developed and improved on many of its telescopes throughout the years. They have manufactured them to be state of art performance and they have proved this with their LX400-ACF series telescopes.

Astronomers find their images to be sharp, full of vivid colors and flatness of field. The LX 400ACF is well noted for its Diffraction-limited Optics, Laser-Aligned, Fixed Oversized Primary Mirror, Electronic Front Focusing System and Electronic Collimation.

Meade Instruments is always looking for ways to improve their products and will continue to do so now and in the future. They have developed a full line of accessories to go with their line of telescopes.

The Autostar is a popular accessories to complement any telescope. The Autostar's database catalogs over 150,000 deep sky objects. The Autostar also has GOTO capability allowing the observer to have over 200 object user-defined library and custom-guided tours, Smart drive technology are just a few of the Autostar's capabilities.

Meade manufactures many different accessories that will fit any astronomer's lifestyle and budget. Meade has many different eyepieces from their Series 5000 and Series 4000. The Series 5000 Plossls have the widest apparent field of view and are engineered to be durable and provide extra long eye relief.

The Series 4000 eyepieces offer the amateur astronomer a 70 degree apparent field of view that is combined with ultra sharp resolution and contrast. They offer premium grade optical glass, multi-layer coatings just to name a few options available with the Series 4000.

Meade also offers color filters to help the observer see the moon and planets in vivid detail. The series 4000 offers 26mm of clear aperture.

Meade Instruments is a leader in manufacturing telescopes and accessories.


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